Basement Wiring

With well over 1,000 reviews on Angie’s List, you can trust we have tons of positive experiences. Let us help you properly wire your basement to handle all of your electricity needs.

Renovating your basement requires more than just re-arranging the furniture.

Whether you are creating this space to be your new workout room, work sanctuary, or entertainment hub, there are bound to be a few electrical hangups requiring a pro electrician’s finesse.

Ensuring your basement’s electrical circuits can handle the number of electronics and appliances you are housing there will help you avoid short circuits and improve the longevity of your home’s overall electrical health.

Determining The Right Amount of Power

At Big Frog Electric, we follow the National Electric Code (NEC) for all of our workmanship and understand the importance of supplying all of your electronics and appliances with sufficient power.

Depending on how many electronics and which appliances you plan on using and installing in your basement, will help us determine the right amount of power to supply and wire in your basement.

In addition to following the NEC’s guidelines, we also work hard to adhere to your appliance’s manufacturer’s circuitry specifications. For example, a treadmill often requires its own circuit board which we can help install.

New lighting installations in your basement also requires a bit of electrical expertise in order to determine the best wiring placement within the subterranean walls.

Your Atlanta basement wiring experts!

I have used Big Frog for years. They are a fantastic company and the owner is a GREAT guy, very fair and knows what he is doing. I tell everyone get all their electrical work done by Big Frog and you will NOT be disappointed!
Bill T.

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Looking for basement wiring help?

Leave Your Basement Wiring To The Pros

Leave the hard part of your basement renovations to our electrical experts. We will help you design the appropriate electrical wiring and make sure it adheres to code for your safety, including:

  • Acquiring all the permits you will need for a new electrical system
  • Subpanel installations as needed

Big Frog Electric’s pros can help you design the perfect layout for your appliances and lighting to help you maximize your basement’s space. Contact us today to get started.