Electrical Panel Replacement

Your main electrical panel is the heart and brain of your home’s electrical system. If yours is outdated or damaged the results can be catastrophic.

The most important part of your electrical system

Electrical panel replacement is the single largest and most important part of your electrical system.

Making the right decision on its size, brand and features is not ideal for a novice. It requires years of experience, knowledge and training. We have all of these qualities and are prepared to answer all your questions.

Having been in the industry for nearly 25 years and having changed out hundreds of panels, we are experts in panel replacement and upgrades. Our Electrical Solutions Experts are highly experienced in panel replacement, or panel upgrade. And we understand that sometimes just simply replacing breakers and tightening terminals is enough to prolong the life of the panel.

The manufacturer oftentimes determines when it should be replaced, and we recommend replacement of any of the following:

Common Reasons for an Electrical Panel Replacement

There are many reasons to upgrade or replace your main electrical panel, and ones that are 20 years or older need to be inspected to determine if there are any signs of overload, arching or heat. The following are the most common reasons to replace your electrical panel.


  • Age: The typical electrical panel is only really designed to last 20 25 years
  • Condition: Your electrical panel can be damaged from loose connections, surges and heat.
  • Manufacturer: There are several panels that are known to be dangerous and high fail rates such as Federal Pacific and Zysnco Panels
  • Need for more space: As our world has evolved, so has our need for more devices and appliances, such as car chargers.

Some manufacturers still use very similar style panels and breakers, so while you may think you need a new panel, you may be able to save lots of money by simply tightening up all connections and replacing the breakers.

There are also cases where you may need multiple circuits in a particular area in your home, such as a basement. Or maybe you want the ability to separately meter an area that you may be renting out so you can keep the bill separate. That’s when installing a sub panel can make this possible.

If you need an electrical panel replacement, inspection, rejuvenation or sub panel installation, contact Brig Frog Electric. We’ll remove the old box and breakers replacing and installing an all new up-to-date panel and breakers. And we will install new Arc Fault Breakers (which have a built-in computer that helps prevent electrical fires from happening) where and when we can.

Whatever your reason for an electrical panel replacement, our team of experts are here for you whenever the need may arise.

We Can Help With Your Electrical Panel Replacement

Our licensed Electrical Solutions Experts are here to answer your questions and guide you to the best option for your situation. It takes a professional and experienced electrician to properly and safely work on an electrical panel. We at Big Frog Electric are the skilled panel installation and replacement pros you need to get the job done safely and done right.

Contact us today for a free estimate and let Big Frog Electric’s professional electricians inspect, install or replace your electrical panel.