Electrical Safety Inspections

Let our 25+ years of electrical work help keep your home running smoothly with our electrical safety inspections.

Most things in life have an expiration date, and your electrical switches do too. The more they get used the more wear and tear they undergo, so you can’t expect them to last twenty-five-plus years. 

A home inspector is only permitted to conduct a visual inspection, which means they can’t move the wiring around or even look inside the box to ensure your electrical units are in good working condition–rather just that they are working.

The majority of homes only have one or two circuits and oftentimes are overloaded by the average quantity of household electronics in use.

When to Schedule an Electrical Safety Inspection

While things may seem like they are properly working on the outside, it is beneficial to have a professional electrician do a routine electrical safety inspection every five years to make sure the inner workings are safely functioning.

Here are a few additional times you should schedule an electrical safety inspection.

  • When you purchase a new or older home
  • Your home is over forty years old
  • When you are installing new appliances (washer, dryer, refrigerator, home office, etc.)
  • If you decide to make renovations

Schedule Yours With The Pros

Our team works hard to exceed building codes and meet the national electrical code. We look at wiring methods, inside the electrical panel, aluminum connections that have deoxidizers, get into attics and crawl spaces to make sure no hidden splices.

Schedule your electrical safety inspection with Big Frog Electric and we’ll look at your home’s entire wiring system for longevity. Contact us today to get started.