Home Generator Installation

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Should You Have a Generator at Home?

Whether your home is solar or not, it is powered by grids. Unless your solar system has some sort of energy storage, you are still susceptible to a power outage. But that does not have to be the case for your home.

Having a generator installed in your home can save you from cold showers, spoiled food, lights out, AC indefinitely off, and being unable to entertain yourself or communicate with the world via your electronics to name a few inconveniences.

Avoiding a power outage is especially important for those working at their home office or who require critical care. There are two types of generator systems that can help you feel more safe and secure in the event of a grid power outage: Whole-Home Generators and Portable Generators.

Whole-Home Generators

Installing a whole-home generator is the more ideal and permanent solution to avoid skipping an electrical beat. This type of generator will literally run your entire home requiring only a means of natural or propane gas.

The primary advantage of a whole-home generator is that it can be automatic meaning that when the grid power goes out, the transfer switch will automatically kick on leaving little downtime or loss of power.

These systems are also lower maintenance as they self-diagnose and send you a report once a month. Our electrical experts can help you properly wire and install these systems and ensure the automatic transfer switch functions properly.

Portable Generators

Installing a portable generator in your home can also help you avoid losing power in the event of a grid outage. However, they have to be manually switched on and off and are limited by about five gallons of gasoline, so you will likely only get about half a day of power.

Portable generators often require a bit more maintenance too, such as fuel, small motor mechanic oil filters, etc. We can help install your portable generator and instruct you on how to use the manual transfer switch.

We Can Help You With Generators Setup and Maintenance

Do not let another grid outage waste your food or day.

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