Smoke & Carbon Detectors

Smoke & Carbon Detectors Don’t leave yourself vulnerable to smoke or carbon monoxide! Put our decades of experience to work helping you and your family stay safe at home.

Are your smoke or carbon monoxide detectors in need of an update? With such an important, life-saving role, these devices play in homes, you should lean on the expertise of a professional electrician for their proper installation.

According to code, there must be a smoke detector in every bedroom, every hallway servicing a bedroom within ten feet, and one on every level of your home.

In addition to having a smoke detector on each level of your home, they must be a smoke and carbon monoxide detector combo and interconnected so that if one goes off from detecting a problem they all go off.

Maintaining Your Smoke & Carbon Detectors

Your family’s life and safety can, in a matter of minutes, depend on your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors properly working.

A good rule of thumb is to replace your physical smoke detector every five to ten years and to test and replace its batteries either annually or semi-annually.

Hiring a licensed, professional electrician like Big Frog Electric can help ensure that all of your detectors are in good working condition, up to code, and are ready to work when you may need them the most.  

Looking for a lightning design solution?

Over the past several decades, our team has been able to bring beauty and functionality into the homes of our customers.

Whether it is assisting in sizing due to space limitations or directing the light fixture to make your home feel more personal, our lighting experts can assist with recommending the perfect height and placement of your fixtures in each room.

With our help, we can shine a light on your home dreams with replacements or additional lighting locations. Contact us today to get started.