Flat Panel TV Installation

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Watching television has become a big chunk of our daily and entertaining lives, whether it’s playing the game on the big screen, catching up on current events on the news or unwinding from the day with the latest flick.

It seems we have at least one TV in virtually every room of our homes which can cost a pretty penny if you have to replace it.

Wall mounting is actually the safest location for your televisions because it keeps the kids and dogs from accidentally knocking it over when they are playing around the house.

As an added bonus, by installing them on the wall, you create additional room for furniture or decor

In order to safely install a flat panel television the right way, it takes someone with not only the know how, but also the proper tools and general construction knowledge to install it to better protect your investments.

Common Places for Flat Panel Television Installations

Electrical panel replacement is the single largest and most important part of your electrical system.

Making the right decision on its size, brand and features is not ideal for a novice. It requires years of experience, knowledge and training. We have all of these qualities and are prepared to answer all your questions.

Having been in the industry for nearly 25 years and having changed out hundreds of panels, we are experts in panel replacement and upgrades. Our Electrical Solutions Experts are highly experienced in panel replacement, or panel upgrade. And we understand that sometimes just simply replacing breakers and tightening terminals is enough to prolong the life of the panel.

The manufacturer oftentimes determines when it should be replaced, and we recommend replacement of any of the following:

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I needed a TV mounted to a stone fireplace while keeping all of the wires hidden and three ring floodlights installed. Not only did they have one of the most reasonable prices, but their attention to detail really pushed me into working with Big Frog.
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Really anywhere you want a television, Big Frog has a solution to keep you in the game no matter what room you are in.It takes a professional and experienced electrician to properly and safely install your flat panel television.

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