Surge Protection

Make sure your home’s electronics and appliances are protected from damaging surges when the storms are brewing.

Big Frog has installed over 500 surge protectors over the years helping to keep homes running how and when you need them to.

You may not be able to tell mother nature where and when to let the strong storms pass through town, but you are able to protect your home, electronics and appliances from damaging surges.Your home can experience damaging surges when there is an over voltage sent through the electrical lines that come into your home which may be from a distant lightning strike or a power company conducting ongoing repairs. The surge created is very damaging to sensitive electronics and can end up being very costly.

The Big Frog Electric Approach to Surge Protection

The average 3 bedroom home has well over $20k worth of electronics and appliances which can be a huge expense to replace and an even bigger inconvenience.

There are multiple brands, types and so called warranties, to help mitigate and avoid damaging power surges. However, having decades of experience in the industry we have our product and preferences, such as Eaton. This brand, by far, has the best warranty and coverage to best serve your needs and protect your home’s electronics and appliances.

We install these surge protectors at the homes electrical panel to cover the big end surges that you would get from the main lines and it protects everything downstream from there. Here are two types of surge protectors we recommend.

CHSP Ultra Surge Protector

The ultra surge protector provides the highest level of protection for all of the electronics and appliances in your home. It features a surge current rating of 70KA and a $50k connected equipment warranty.

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